Featured on Publisher Weekly’s Summer Read 2022

I’m so ecstatic to announce that MISS QUINCES was featured on  PW’s Summer Reads for 2022 along with a great review for my book:

New Yorker and aspiring graphic novelist Suyapa Gutiérrez, the protagonist of Fajardo’s solo debut, would rather spend her 15th birthday reading manga than dancing in a “weird poofy dress” at a quinceañera. But on a family trip to visit her mother’s family in Honduras, Sue learns that her mother has already planned the celebration—with a pink princess theme—and invited 100 guests. Sue’s beloved artist grandmother proposes a compromise: if Sue has the quinces of her mother’s dreams, she’ll get to attend sleepaway camp with friends. But as the family prepares, her grandmother’s health takes a turn, making for a very different kind of ceremony. Choppy-haired, bespectacled Sue, who prefers black to pink and longs for more independence than her protective parents allow, embodies challenges that will be recognizable to many. Fajardo is sympathetic to the entire extended family: Sue’s parents make concessions to the individual she’s becoming (she receives a pair of construction boots, not pumps, for the celebration’s shoe ceremony), and Sue learns to cherish family tradition en route to appreciating her Honduran heritage. A slightly redundant travelogue, Sue’s creation for class, concludes; Fajardo closes with photos from her own quinces and a glossary. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 8–12. Agent: Linda Camacho, Gallt & Zacker Literary. (May)

I’m just jumping for joy for this review, thank you so much PW!!

Miss Quinces ARC Giveaway!


We’re 2 weeks away from the release of my Middle Grade graphic novel MISS QUINCES, so I’m giving away a signed English ARC+ exclusive print + sticker! 

I’m choosing one winner each from Twitter, Instagram & TikTok (participation in all platforms is definitely allowed but only one copy per winner).

 To enter:

-you must follow me on social media

-retweet /repost on IG stories my giveaway post (see below)

 -comment what you’re looking forward to this summer! 

Giveaway post:




Giveaway ends April 27th! 

Good luck!!

NTTBF panels this saturday!

Hi friends!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be a guest panelist at the North Texas Teen Book Festival this upcoming Saturday on March 5th, 2022.

I’m going to be on two awesome panels with inspirational writers and I hope I can offer some insightful words to the event! And this will be my first book festival in person ever, so I’m so honored to start this journey as the author & artist for Miss Quinces!

If you’re attending the event, feel free to find me at these panels:

Panel: Take a Break- Vacation Vibes

with Jenny Lee, E. Lockhart, Angela Velez and myself!

When: 10:30 am

Where : Room JB C-D

Panel: Family Ties- When we have each other, we have everything.

with Erin Entrada Kelly, Christina Soontornvat and myself.

When: 1:00 PM

Where : Room BG 6-8

You can check out more about the festival at http://www.northtexasteenbookfestival.com/.

And here’s some info on some more events coming up:

-March, 11th: BIPOC Pop (Austin, TX)

10-10:30am “Storytelling for New Gen BIPOC Audiences”  

ft:Candy Briones, Pablo Leon, Kat Fajardo, Paul and Carlos Meyer  

Facilitator: Hector F L’Hoeste.  

Segundo de Febrero Gallery Show

This month, I had the honor of joining some fabulous Latine artists for a gallery show at the Centro Cultural Aztlán in San Antonio for their 45th Annual Segundo de Febrero Exhibit: Mapping New Narratives.

Growing up in NYC, I was unaware of the cultural significance of Feb. 2nd and how important it was for Hispanics living in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and California. 

I didn’t know that this particular date (also known as Segundo de Febrero) marked the official end of the Mexican-American War with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This treaty created a designated boundary between Texas and Mexico using The Rio Grande as the divider and as a result of this, a new population of Mexican-Americans were formed. As for Mexicans who foudn themselves on new U.S. territory, they had the choice of remaining Mexican citizens, returning to Mexico, or claiming U.S. citizenship. 

So when I received an invitation to submit work for the 45th Annual Segundo de Febrero show, I wanted to honor the culture and historical significance of the holiday by creating a brand new comic! 

My contribution for the show was a 3-paged comic called “The Smell of Memories”, which is a love letter to the Proust Effect I experience whenever I smell something that reminds me of memories of my childhood in Honduras. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling I experience because it’s associated with lovely memories but it can be a lonely experience when you’re miles away from your home. 

I couldn’t attend the opening reception of the show but I was able to take some pics of the pieces before I shipped them out! It was a fun comic to make and I hope people enjoyed the story. 

You can read the full comic on my Ko-Fi, early access available for subscribers!

More info about the show:  curator/lead artist was Héctor R. Garza and participating artists include: Frederick Luis Aldama with Oscar Garza, Fernando Andrade, Terry Blas, Jesse Burciaga, Alexandria Canchola, Isabel Ann Castro, Monica Estrada Saldaña, Hector R. Garza, Omar Gonzalez, Ruth M. Guajardo, Alejandro Macias, Gabi Magaly, Angelica Martinez, Ben Muñoz, Zeke Peña, Alan Serna, Jesus Trevino, Jose Villalobos, and myself!

Show is up until March 4th, 2022!!

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