Miss Quinces

Spring 2022, Graphix/Scholastic

A coming-of-age middle grade graphic novel about a girl forced to celebrate her quinceañera despite hating all things pretty and pink.

Suyapa “Sue” Gutierrez was planning a fun summer at camp with her friends, but is instead forced into a family trip to Honduras where she’s stuck with her crazy relatives. Plus, her mom surprises her with the news that she’s going to have a quinces there, despite Sue’s protests. The pair strike a deal: if Sue goes along with the quinces without complaint, she can go to camp with her friends later in the summer. But between the dance practice, wild turkeys (yes, wild turkeys), and her overeager family, Sue doesn’t know how long she’ll be able to take it all. Will she be able to hold up her end of the bargain and make it to camp?

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