Miss Quinces

April 5th 2022, Scholastic Graphix

A sweet coming-of-age middle grade graphic novel about a young girl named Sue who is forced to celebrate her quinceañera despite hating all things pretty and pink!

Suyapa “Sue” Gutierrez was planning a fun summer at camp with her friends, but is instead forced into a family trip to Honduras where she’s stuck with her crazy relatives. To make matters worse, Sue's mom surprises her with the news that she’s going to have a quinces there, despite Sue’s protests. 

The pair strike a deal: if Sue goes along with the quinces without complaint, she can go to camp with her friends later in the summer. But between the dance practice, wild turkeys (yes, wild turkeys), and her overeager family, Sue doesn’t know how long she’ll be able to take it all. Will she be able to hold up her end of the bargain and make it to camp?

Miss Quinces is a story for all ages & for those who enjoy heartfelt stories about navigating the expectations of family and cultural traditions. And most importantly, learning how to embrace your “otherness”, whatever that may be.

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What was the inspiration for the story?

Well, Miss Quinces is a semi-autobiographical story based on my own experience with my quinces! Just like Sue, I didn’t want to have one AT ALL. I was a shy, artsy goth kid and the last thing I wanted to do was present myself in front of my big family in an big fluffy dress!  

But because it was a family tradition and I wanted to make my family, especially my abuelita happy, ultimately I did have my own ceremony...

...And I didn’t regret it one bit, embarrassing pictures and all! 

If you’re lucky to have a quinces, it can be such a beautifulexperience to share with your family and friends. Every part of the ceremonyhas important meaning and it’s just a part of one's family history.

And I wanted to share that sentiment with you all :)

Who will enjoy this book?

Well, lots of different types of readers, especially:

♕Teens who are expecting to have their own quinces soon!

♕People who have never heard of quinceañeras.

♕Teachers & librarians! (great educational material to add to curriculums especially during Hispanic/Latine History Month.)

♕Quinces veterans who would like to read a story similar to their experiences.

♕Readers who like silly, coming of age stories jam packed with fun adventures.

♕People who feel like outsiders in their home or at school. 

♕And honestly, anyone who have dealt with their loud and chaotic family!!

And I’m very excited to say that Miss Quinces will be the first graphic novel published by Scholastic Graphix to be simultaneously released in English and Spanish editions. 

So everyone can enjoy this graphic novel, especially kids with their spanish-speaking parents (something I wished I had growing up!)

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