Yeah! Diamonds Boardgame 

Character designer for the game box for board game publisher company Game and a Curry. I also created the comic that accompanies the board game. 

"Yeah! Diamonds is a family friendly game of tile moving and deck building. It puts a unique twist on deck building by adding a physical layer to the core concepts gamers are used to. Players begin with a basic set of arrow tiles, which they use to move scoring tiles out of a shared grid. Acquired tiles are added to the player's growing deck, giving them powerful new abilities when played.
Yeah! Diamonds is designed to teach basic mechanics of deck building and combos to new gamers of all ages. It's accessible, strategic play is coupled with easy to grasp scoring to encourage quick play. A unique orientation system ensures that the game plays differently for everyone and that players always have meaningful choices. With whimsical art and easy setup, it's sure to be a staple of game nights and family nights alike.”

You can purchase your own game at the Game and a Curry online shop.

Game box (photo credit: Game and a Curry)

One of the lovely folks at Game and a Curry holding the box!(photo credit: Game and a Curry)

Comic made to promote the game.

Co-Designer Dave Beever explains how to play Yeah! Diamonds, a new game from Game and a Curry Games. Yeah! Diamonds is a simple tile movement and set collection game packed full of strategy.





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