La Raza Anthology: Unidos y Fuertes is a collection of comics, illustrations, poems and short stories by Latinx creators celebrating and analyzing our colorful culture. 

Our goal is to give creators the proper recognition and the chance to address important issues not only in the U.S. but worldwide through our work. Proceeds of our books go directly to non-profit organizations that aid Latinx families and communities.

 La Raza: Unidos y Fuertes has an incredible roster of talented artists from all over the world featuring finished work by:

Alejandro Bruzzese♢Ale Carrasco Lepijina♢Alexandra Barboza♢Alexandra Martinez♢Andrea Esquivel Dávalos♢Andrea Zambrano♢Alberto Larrañaga 'Bort'♢Brianna Valdez♢Carmen Pizarro♢Carolina Fernandez♢Carolina Dalia Gonzalez♢Coty Taboada♢Cynthia Janet Zapata♢Daisy Ruiz♢Daniela Iglesias♢Dante Luiz♢Eric Arroyo♢Estephanie Morales♢Gabriela Morales♢Giulia Zielasko♢Ismael Flores Ruvalcaba♢Joamette Gil♢Jordan ♢Marco♢Juliette Medina Lopez ♢Kat Fajardo♢Kimberly Morales♢Luisa Rivera♢Luis Roldán Torquemada♢Melissa Ayala Estrada♢Mirelle Ortega♢Myra Lara♢Pablo Castro♢Paola Klug♢Stephanie Bailey♢Stephanie Rodriguez♢Susana Isabel♢Tiffany Rodriguez♢Todd Gastelum♢Vivian Martinez♢William Keops Ibañez♢Xavier Lorie and more! 

Cover by Kat Fajardo. 

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